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My Story

My Yoga Background

I have been in the wellness & fitness industry since 2013, managing several yoga and fitness studios in Singapore. After 8 years of practising yoga and a long time coming, I decided to step away from 'behind the scenes' operations role and took a leap of faith to be a yoga teacher. Now I am officially a 200hr certified yoga teacher, trained in Hatha and Vinyasa Movement. 


My Philosophy

Why do I want to be a Yoga Teacher?

My yoga practice has helped me through a lot of emotional turmoil in my personal life. As a spiritual seeker, I truly resonate with the yoga philosophies. A yoga practice is more than just the physical Asanas on the mat. Practicing the 8 Limbs of Yoga has shaped my lifestyle tremendously and directed my attention towards my well-being inwards. I am present in the here and now and living more mindfully.


I want to share my yoga practice and journey with others who is seeking personal growth (be it physically, mentally or spiritually).

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